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The other unit which I particularly appreciated focused on writing critiques, which is a daunting task for many L2 writers, whose previous academic experience may have equipped them poorly for taking a personal stance and presenting themselves as a kind of authority p. 191. Swales and Feak provide a full scale example of an article to be analyzed, with draft critiques and reaction papers, so that the process of critique can be modeled and evaluated in the classroom. In all of this, Academic Writing for Graduate Students has undergone a fairly thorough metamorphosis since the 1994 editions, particularly with regard to the source material used. The book draws on a wider range of disciplines, such as nursing, marketing and art history; authentic recent data are now used where possible; and the book has kept apace with new findings from discourse analysis, particularly concerning the inter and intra disciplinary variations in the structure of research papers. From the point of view of classroom use, the book abounds with useful exercises for students to gain awareness of stylistic and generic conventions, and to practice various aspects of academic writing.

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Lay was so impressed with Skillings genius that he created a new division in 1990 called Enron Finance Corp. and hired Skilling to run it. Under Skillings leadership, Enron Finance Corp. soon dominated the market for natural gas contracts, with more contacts, more access to supplies and more customers than any of its competitors. With its market power, Enron could predict future prices with great accuracy, thereby guaranteeing superior profits. Skilling began to change the corporate culture of Enron to match the companys transformed image as a trading business.

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m. in Oklahoma Memorial Union. The Union Programming Board will host the first ever OU College Con at 6 p. m. Friday in the Oklahoma Memorial Unions Beaird Lounge. Modeled after nationally popular movie, game and comic conventions such as San Diego Comic Con, College Con will focus on all things geek, said Patrick Vaughn film and media studies senior and a UPB executive founder of the event. Vaughn said the idea of College Con formed when he was brainstorming event ideas with his graduate advisor. They noticed how OU was home to a number of anime lovers, video gamers and comic book nerds. There isnt any event on campus, to our knowledge, that combines all these different groups under one nerd culture banner, so we just want to provide an outlet, Vaughn said. And so, College Con was born. Since this is the first year, UPB decided to forgo the registration procedure commonly done for comic conventions. Vaughn said that it might discourage some people from attending and wanted to keep the convention open to everyone. UPB is all about bringing people together, said Jeremiah Stinnet, human relations sophomore and a core member of the UPB College Con committee. The booths will mostly be local gaming and comic shops around Norman and Oklahoma City as well as panels on various topics, Stinnet said. Stinnet said Impact Props will also be holding a panel. Impact Props is a student group that focuses on bringing props from movies and video games to life, he said. Vaughn said companies such as THQ and Ubisoft will be present to show demos of their latest video games. Video gaming tournaments featuring games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be held in the union, Stinnet said. Were also giving away a PS4 during the convention, said Khoi Trinh, University College freshman and UBP member. The contest will be based on drawing raffle tickets that students can earn by winning gaming tournaments, Trinh said. The College Con is piquing the interest of the student body. Mariah Lee, University College freshman, said even though she isnt a gamer she appreciates the idea of holding a convention here on campus. Sama Khawaja is a petroleum geology senior who currently works as The Daily's cartoonist. She has previously worked as a Life and Arts reporter. Do you appreciate the work we do as the only independent media outlet dedicated to serving OU students,faculty, staff and alumni on campus and around the world for more than 100 years?Then consider helping fund our endeavors. Around the world, communities are grappling with whatjournalism is worth and how to fund the civic good that robust news organizations can generate. We believe TheOU Daily and Crimson Quarterly magazine provide real value to this community both now by covering OU, andtomorrow by helping launch the careers of media professionals. Cllege Con 2015 is going to be the greatest event for geeks and cosplay enthusiasts in San Diego this year. Expect to see a lot of hot, elaborate, wacky costumes, anime swords, gamers, youtubers and celebrities. College Con has evolved greatly since its inception and it's no longer a refuge for the socially awkward.

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