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In order to fairly address this subject, it is necessary to examine this idea from several viewpoints. First the essay will look at how probation is viewed by the general population and the larger picture in general. After summarizing the current status, this essay will argue I: What do you feel is lacking in this Case Study Analysis of parole and probation and how would one improve this?P. O: There have been many programs devised to make this process effective and recently eintegrating Alternatives Personal Program APP was devised to reduce the recidivism rate even further. When a parolee is released back into the community, he faces a lot of problems including his transition from the prison back to his family and home. Many families do not accept the person back and this increases his chance to get back to the crime world. Further offices, companies, firms etc. are reluctant in hiring a parolee and would prefer a free individual to work for them. They do not trust a parolee and think it is unsafe for a parolee to move around in their institution and interact with other staff members. This program that I have mentioned actually helps To ensure that parolees do visit their parole officers on time, the governor decided to give them an incentive. He stated that parolees who would report on time would receive a monthly stipend of $25.

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Some experts believe pathological or compulsive gambling is not a disease, however, most experts agree compulsive gambling is a life threatening disease that not only affects the gambler, it affects all of those around him or her, from family and friends to employers, business associates, and creditors. Compulsive gambling is a disease, and it affects far more than simply the gambler, as any loved In addition to creating jobs, casinos on reservations provided the American Indian community with various social services and strengthened their social bonds Momper 142; Cornell et al. , 1998. hile it is true that gambling addiction has increased among American Indian residents as a result of building casinos, in many instances improvements in standards of living took many of them out of poverty, decreasing the rate of behavioral problems and anti social activities. In summary, both proponents of gambling is a social problem thesis and their opponents have strong arguments at hand. The debate is likely to continue without being resolved as it is a controversial topic and gambling among the U. S. population leads to mixed results: both positive and negative. orks Cited:Cornell, Kalt et al. , American Indian Gaming Policy and Its Socio Economic Effects. Cambridge, MA: Economic Resource Group, Inc.

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How many people worry about their taste in music needing outside experts to tell them whether or not its good?I know what I like is the rule. In fact, for millions, if its popular its already time to dig deeper and find the creatives the new new that have already been there and done that and are now doing something altogether new. So we might be on the edge of a burst in creativity. Ill make my final point be referencing an economically difficult but extremely creative period another country experienced: The Weimar Republic. This from Wikipedia:The 1920s saw a massive cultural revival in Germany. It was, arguably, the most innovative period of cultural change in Germany. Innovative street theatre brought plays to the public, the cabaret scene became very popular. Women were americanised, wearing makeup, short hair, smoking and breaking out of tradition. Music was created with a practical purpose, such as Schoenbergs atonality and there was a new type of architecture taught at Bauhaus schools. Art reflected the new ideas of the time with artists such as Grosz being fined for defaming the military and for blasphemy. As an artist, the key to selling more artwork is maximizing itsexposure. The internet is an increasingly popular tool forpromoting original art, and if done properly, can be quiteprofitable. One of the most effective and free!online marketing tools forartists is the blog. Artist blogs provide an easy way to displayyour art, discuss your creative process, post exhibitionannouncements and more. Best of all, blogs require no workingknowledge of HTML and the search engines their dynamiccontent. A blog is a web based diary or journal. The author of a blog,also known as a Blogger, publishes content on a regular basisabout a focused topic. These regular postings typically providea community feel by allowing site visitors to post feedback toyour journal entries. This mode of communication can deepenrelationships with potential art buyers, leading to increasedsales. Blogs also have the ability to archive all of your previousposts, dynamically creating an individual page for each journalentry. The feature is great for art buyers using search enginesto find original art.

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