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Murray was the longest serving juvenile justice commissioner in the history of the state of Georgia, having served in that position from January 23, 2004, to May She advocates that this trend must be reversed and that the majority of society's efforts should be expanded on preparing inmates for their eventual release. Petersilia does not broach the issue of prisoner reentry into society without providing a long and detailed explanation of the problem. In the first portion of her book she provides one of the most detailed histories of the development of the America prison system available. She details how American prisons evolved from being purely punitive in nature to becoming largely rehabilitative in purpose and then turning back again in the direction of being punitive as law and order became a major political issue in the 1970s and 80s. In an interesting twist, Petersalia argues strongly that one of the major reasons for the present problems in the American prison system is the heavy reliance on determinate sentencing systems. She argues that the determinate system has Forensic Mental Health Legislation and PoliciesThe current position on forensic mental health issues when it comes to legislation and policies is a strong one, but there are some difficulties that do not translate well into the probation and parole policies that are currently offered. In other words, there are issues that are not being addressed, and that are allowing individuals with mental health problems who on are probation and parole to slip through the cracks and struggle with their issues on their own Wang, et al. , 2005. Not only are they not getting the help they need in order to live productive lives, they are also more likely to reoffend, violate their probation or parole, become homeless, drink to excess, do drugs, and get involved in other unsavory behavior Patel and Prince, 2002. The high proportion of indigenous offenders is one of the biggest issues that indicates mental health This creates intra departmental conflict situations between law enforcement, correctional departments, and parole boards. While law enforcement convicts an increasing number of criminals, space in prisons is running out, while parole boards are unable to deliver a high enough turn around of convicts that are released back into society.

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Master and develop your craft in the hobbies you love. It may not be the right path yet, but its definitely in the right direction!One of the most important things the personal statement tests is an applicants ability to be genuinely introspective. Do you possess a level of self awareness that demonstrates inner growth and maturity?The Common Application Prompt 5 does just this:Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others. Why do colleges care whether youve undergone a period of personal growth or self reflection?Well, for one, introspection is a mark of critical thinking. Your ability to self assess and to incorporate the viewpoints of others into your understanding of the world is a quality that indicates your ability to synthesize information and learn. Will you be able to bring this quality to campus to drive further personal growth in college?Or, will you stagnate once you leave your current environment?Demonstrating your ability to adapt and grow in the face of challenge, adversity, or new information is indicative of the type of student that will do well in a university setting. There is a clear takeaway of values and future goals in both cases. Davidphillips8s essay is a touching look at a family tradition that takes on new meaning after a family tragedy. Nkatcher derives career motivation from a failing family restaurant. Lunches represented more than the joy of savory and sweet bites in my family; they represented a tradition of self sufficiency that was valued in each stage of formation and education. Yet one day in eighth grade I found myself with a different type of lunch. This lunch had been prepared by someone elsewith and generosity that I greatly appreciatedbut it was not my own. Read more. Greek mythology tells of the phoenix, a majestic bird that rises from its ancestors ashes, which represents renewal and rejuvenation. My phoenix did not come as a bird, but rather as a little brick building on 4th Avenue. From 2022 to 2010, I watched my parents pursue the American Dream in its finest form. Read more. This format or topic is not entirely convincing because belief systems and behaviors rarely come about as a sudden flip of a switch. Its a more compelling story if you acknowledge the gradual shift in perspective. Both essays devote ample attention to the evolution or foundations of a belief system that later take root. Vzjump uses her essay to discuss coming to terms with her own racial identity from which she initially tries to distance herself. NMBuddhist describes an episode where she taps into the value of compassion after an initial departure. Refusing to be shepherded into such boxes due to my appearances, I disassociated myself from my eventually ostracized culture. I was determined to be one of the white kidsthe normal kids. However, my worldview changed the summer of 2014. The shooting of Michael Brown and the following Ferguson riots gave me an unfiltered view into race dynamics in America.

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